“I have come to accept myself for what I am: human. I am not perfect. I am not immune to fate, but I am not automatically doomed for being alive. I feel temptations every second of every day and I am not controlled by them. I do what I want anyway, so who is to say I want anything else? When I want, I let these peculiarities run across me like dogs to their masters. When I do not, I keep them at bay with my will and my testimony. I do not cut myself off from what makes me feel; I just refuse to feel anything that cuts me off from what matters most. It is called will power. With a little practice, you can accomplish great things.” - Corey Taylor.

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Anonymous sent: what band is your favorite after Slipknot?

Stone Sour, i just love that band.

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Slipknot New Album Teaser 2014 #2 [x]

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Fuck, look this neck :o

Fuck, look this neck :o

Slipknot new album teaser 2014.

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Anonymous sent: Every post you make with all band members you keep putting Paul?

Of course i keep putting him, i don’t care if he died for some, for me he remains the eternal bassist of Slipknot, i just love that guy and i’ll never forget him, same thing with Joey.

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I don’t think anyone has any idea how much Slipknot really means to me

Anonymous sent: 67 - 74

67 - Lips or eyes? both.

74 - relationship.

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scarlletbegonias sent: 40, 44, 46

Male, the color of my eyes are brown and my height is 1.64

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